Dear Heather, James and the Team, 

I just wanted to message you because John and me have been talking about nothing but that how amazing our wedding weekend was and we wish we could go back in time and re-live the whole thing again. It has honestly been the best weekend of our lives and you, James, your Mum, Maddy, Rosie, Hannah, and everyone else involved did an absolute top quality job in EVERYTHING! We could not have wished for a better wedding than this! 

All our guests were incredibly impressed what a lovely place it is, how nice the house was, how welcoming you all were and how delicious the food was. Many of them said it was the best wedding they have ever been to and they never felt so relaxed! Making a whole weekend of it was the best idea. It was all so magical and perfect, there isn’t a single thing we would do differently if we were to do it again. 

We are certainly one of your biggest fans from now on and will make sure the world knows about how great everything is there.  

Lots of love, 

Anna, John, Oscar and Max xxxx